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“As a father of two, daily stress and physical fatigue are no strangers. After training 6 months for a competition, I developed a nasty pain in my foot that progressed and eventually turned into fasciitis-like plantar pain. Nothing helped until I saw Lisa. She is trained in a technique called motor point therapy. Three treatments and I was absolutely pain free. Before, I didn’t believe acupuncture could do it but I was totally wrong. Lisa is hands down the best acupuncturist and herbalist I know. She not only takes care of me and my wife, but also dozens of my patients and friends.”

– Jaweed N.

“I can’t say enough good things about Lisa, and her practice. and I’m extremely hard to please as I am a CMT and Esthetician, who has had the whole gamut of therapeutic modalities. Lisa and acupuncture are hands down my favorite and most effective healing modalities. Not only do I highly recommend Acupuncture and love Chinese medicine, I say run to Lisa’s practices in both Petaluma or Oakland. Book ahead, she is in high demand…. as she is the best of the best!”

– Nana M.

“I have seen Lisa for over 10 years and can’t say enough great things about her and her practice. Through getting pregnant, the pregnancy, various injuries, shingles, frozen shoulder, colds, sleep issues, peri-menopause…her acupuncture skills, Chinese herb knowledge, cupping, massage are all amazing and then throw on top that she is just a lovely person. An abundance of gratitude for Lisa.”

– Jeanne S.

“Lisa is a truly evolved practitioner.  Her treatments are otherworldly, and have helped regulate my sleep, appetite, cycle, and energy.  She also keeps me honest about my own lifestyle choices without being judgmental. ”

– Jemma L.

“I was looking for an acupuncturist who had experience with sports injuries. I went in for a pulled hamstring from a running injury. Lisa did cupping on my back and leg followed by acupuncture. I felt a noticeable change after the first treatment. I saw her twice a week for a few weeks and was able to start running again. Since then, I have seen Lisa for allergies, insomnia and tennis elbow. She seems to be able to help me with anything I throw at her. She has also made some great suggestions about my diet and foam rolling. I highly recommend Lisa! ”

– Maxwell H.

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At INDIE Acupuncture we use a holistic approach to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each individual. We use a comprehensive system of pulse and tongue diagnosis, muscle testing, palpation of points and meridians, orthopedic exams, and medical history to create a custom treatment.